About G&G Group

G&G Group is a family owned and operated construction company helping shape Canberra's future.

Drone shot of G&G Group in Canberra.

7+ years experience in Canberra.

Backed by our experience, we are able to conquer all challenges in the Canberra construction industry.

150+ successfully completed projects.

With a versatile portfolio of work in Canberra, we have learnt our name as the leaders in labour hire, traffic control and concreting.

60+ team of expert personnel.

Our large team of labourers, traffic controllers and concreters are sure to fulfil your project's needs no matter the size or difficulty.

50+ greatly satisfied Canberran clients.

Our great track record of quality work has impressed over 50 builders and developers in Canberra.

G&G Group Ethos

We believe in a people first approach.

G&G Group is a family owned and operated construction company that believes in impeccable service, client satisfaction and workforce/workplace safety. 

We believe in a people first approach. Wether that is with our clients, directors or employees, we always maintain a personal relationship to ensure we are always taking care of each other’s goals and needs. 

Instilled in every one of our team members is a client first approach that ensures we go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectation of superb labour hire, traffic control and concreting services.

G&G Group Culture

It all starts with a driven team to deliver nothing less than the best service.

Although we have had great success in growing our company, we approach every client and job with a personal approach, ensuring we cater to your specific needs and are always available when you need us.

With over 50 satisfied clients, we pride ourselves for our attention to detail and interaction with our clients ensuring that we maintain good relationships and maintaining high standards of service.

Our ability to utilise an extensive assortment of recruitment and screening resources to gather the most dedicated and effective workforce in the Canberra region. We can meet the needs of any construction project by assigning the person with the appropriate skills to each task at hand. 

Wether it be general labour, concreting or traffic control services, G&G Group can supply an outstanding yet cost effective solution to meet and exceed your requirements.

Yours truly,
Danyon and the team.

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